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Mineesia Ltd
About Mineesia Ltd
Mineesia Ltd is an independent consultancy that provides rapid, cost effective, and targeted environmental support to clients, building upon 10 years’ experience of international operations management, consulting and project development, including:
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) - Our approach allows robust advancement of ESIA programs, integrating client and consulting teamwork with knowledge of regulatory and institutional requirements.
  • Environmental program management - We develop and integrate environmental management programs into client’s operations to ensure complete compliance with permits and regulatory monitoring requirements.
  • Remediation and mitigation plans.
  • Process water discharge management, including acid drainage and active and passive treatment technologies 

Mineesia was established to bring these specialist skills to meet specific project requirements with a streamlined, problem-solving approach.  Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with clients, always representing their best interests and providing them with cost effective and manageable products and solutions by forming a team with our clients, subcontractors and associates. 

The founder of Mineesia, Carl Nicholas, has led Environmental Impact Assessments from conception through terms of reference, public consultation to approval and construction.  He has overseen the implementation of mitigation measures described in ESIAs and closure of a facility in accordance with national legislation. 

Edward Watkin is an independent associate who regularly provides technical support to Mineesia.  Edward has 30 years' international mining and other industrial experience in 25 countries, covering Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, India, Indonesia and United States of America.  Commodities have included gold, base metals and coal, often in remote and extreme environments.  His experience includes environmental and social assessment for EIA and SIA studies, for project prefeasibility and feasibility assessment, project permitting and operational approvals, as well as implementing significant improvements in E&OHS performance, and working towards international best practice and standards.

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